1st Grade Class - Ballet and Tap 45 minutes

The 1st Grade class does exercises at the barre - plies, tendus, degages, and rond de jambes.  We work on balancing in releve and passé.  Center combinations includes port de bras, pas de bourrees, arabesques, and echappes.  We introduce leaping along with other traveling combinations.  Tap steps are now combination steps like waltz clogs and shuffle ball change shuffle hop down.  We work on synchronizing the tap steps with the whole class.


2nd Grade Class - Ballet and Tap 1 hour

The class is now an hour long and we focus on a more classical ballet curriculum.  Barre work, center adagio, petit allegro, traveling combinations, spotting turns, and leaps.  In tap the steps get more complex and faster challenging the dancers to remember longer sequences of steps.


3rd and 4th Grade Classes - Ballet and Jazz 1 hour

These classes continue on with their ballet curriculum focusing on strengthing their core and working on their balance, doing pirouettes, graceful flowing adagios, longer leaping combinations.  They also start jazz doing stretching, traveling across the floor and combinations center.


5th Grade Class - Ballet, Pre-Pointe, Tap, and Jazz 1 hour

This class starts pre-pointe focusing on exercises for the toes, feet, ankles, and calves to get ready for pointe work.  They also do ballet barre exercises and center work.  Jazz includes a warmup with stretches, isolations, traveling across the floor, and floor exercises.  Tap steps include the classics like cramp roll, buffalo, Broadway, Cincinnati, and Maxi Ford.  We do combinations that travel and include kicks.  We work on different rhythms and timing.