2 year olds - Mom and Me Preballet 30 minutes

Our 2 year old class focuses on learning the basics about being in a dance class.  We teach how to listen to a teacher, stand on your spot, make a circle, follow the leader.  We teach basic movement walking, marching, tippytoe walking.  Little songs teach the basic ballet positions. 


3 year olds - Preballet 30 minutes

This class starts as a Mom and Me class for the first couple of classes to get the students familiar with the studio and the teacher.  We start with the basic ballet positions for feet and arms, work on plies and releves.  We add tendus, arabesques, saut├ęs and echappes.  We travel around the room.  We work on little songs with words and steps.


4 year olds - Ballet and Tap 45 minutes

This class starts with a floor stretch and then we move to the ballet barre for the basic ballet exercises.  Center work includes balancing, slow and fast movements, jumping.  We travel across the floor walking like a dancer, doing chasses, skipping.  We teach dances to classical and popular music.  Tap includes basic steps like heel and toe drops, shuffle steps, heels front, jump out and in.   


Kindergarten - Ballet and Tap 45 minutes

This class builds on the 4 year old class, adding more ballet positions for feet and arms and more exercises at the barre.  Center work includes an adagio and jumps.  Lots of traveling around the room doing combinations of steps like 4 skips and 4 chasses.  Tap includes flaps, shuffle hops, shuffle ball change, and many combinations.  We start on traveling tap steps like flap heel moving forward and shuffle hop back.